About Us

Grandmaster Samuel Kwok

This is Our grand Master. He is a most personal student of Sigung Ip Chun & Ip Ching who are two sons of late Great Grand Master Ip Man.  And He is the teacher who taught Traditional Wing Chun to My Sifu Sanjaya Kapukotuwa. We are correlated to spread Traditional Wing Chun fully under guidance of Grand Master Samuel Kwok over Sri Lanka.

Sifu Sanjaya Kapukotuwa is an direct student of Sigung Samuel Kwok (one of the most senior student of Sigung Ip Chun & ip Chin who are two sons of Great Grand Master Ip Man). And also he was training at Kiat Busaba Lanna Muay Thai Camp at Chiang Mai in Thailand. He was also a Karate instructor under Late Master. G.A.T. Livera . And Also national Representative of International Kung Fu Federation and World Martial Arts Forum.

Dr.Dhammika Attanayake is the most senior student of Sifu: Sanjaya Kapukotuwa. He was practicing Wing Chun since 1991 with Sifu: Sanjaya Kapukotuwa. And Now He has joined with us again and started to teach Wing Chun. He is the Assistant Instructor and Vice President of Sri Lanka Wing Chun Martial Arts Club. He is also expert of Herbal Medicine and Ayurveda.


Sifu Gerard Perera who is the top and most senior student of Si-fu Sanjaya Kapukotuwa. He is the Co-ordinator and an instructor of Sri Lanka Chuan Fa Wing Chun Martial Art Club.And He is the Founder of St. Gerard Martial Arts Club. He is not only a Wing Chun Instructor but also he has instructor-ships for Muay Thai Boxing, Escrima Arnis , Yoga,Gymnastic. He is the youngest and qualified martial art instructor in Sri Lanka.